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Thanks to Heraldo for the heads-up, the blog’s temporary location is right here.

This could be a big boon if they do it right. Here you have potentially minute-by-minute coverage of crucial events with a full news department behind it. Obviously they have to sell their papers so you’ll get the depth of the stories there. But this could one more step to bringing Humboldt County into the 21st century. Online access to court case files, like just about every other county, should be the next.

Hank’s got several posts up already, including this follow-up to the Grannie Greenjeans/Coop controversy, such as it is. And there’s some election finances stuff which reports me as “retired.” Sorry Hank, not quite ready for shuffleboard. But I wanted to know who else donated to Quilez, and Sonia Bauer is the only other contributor mentioned. Obviously she would like somebody on the Commission to second her son’s motions to discuss something beyond the old guard agenda. Also, Quilez could obviously use some money. There will be a fund raising party in Redway on Sunday afternoon where you can meet him, and another one earlier in Miranda. Contact the campaign for locations.

Anyway, looks like a great addition to the local blogosphere. There are already comments mounting.


Obviously I’m not a huge fan of French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s, but you have to respect his response to a classic papparazi question from one of our own media establishments.

From the Toronto Star:

NEW YORK–France’s president abruptly ended a 60 Minutes interview aimed at introducing him to the U.S., dubbing it “stupid” and a “big mistake” and refusing to answer questions about his wife.

Before the CBS interview in Paris even began, Sarkozy called his press secretary “an imbecile” for arranging the session on a busy day. “I don’t have the time. I have a big job to do, I have a schedule,” Sarkozy said through a translator.

In the interview, conducted earlier this month and aired Sunday night, he talked candidly of his admiration for the U.S. but grew agitated by questions about his wife, Cecilia, whom he sent to Libya in July to secure the release of five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor.

“If I had to say something about Cecilia, I would certainly not do so here,” replied Sarkozy, who then said “Bon courage” and left. Two weeks after the interview, the Sarkozys’ divorce was announced.

It’d be great if more public figures reacted that way when asked patently stupid questions. The problem is, this Onion satire is too close to the truth.

Photo comes from the NY Times.

Thanks to Hank Sims for the link. Maybe it’ll all pass quietly. Or maybe there’ll be a deluge of Khazar conspiracy rants, Flynn effect debates, and humorless charges of all sorts of bigotry and belligerence. I probably shouldn’t post it, but the potential for rich layers of irony which bring me perverse pleasure just lures me against my will.

From the New Republic.

The Jesuits Are Gonna Love This
I apparently missed the early buzz on AEI adjunct fellow Jon Entine’s book “Abraham’s Children”–all about how Jews are genetically programmed to be smarter than everyone else–but Dana Milbank’s dispatch from Monday’s AEI forum on the book includes a lovely quote from fellow AEIer Charles “Bell Curve” Murray, reminding us of Murray’s special gift for winning friends and influencing people. Positing that the Talmudic tradition probably drove out slow Jews long ago, Murray notes, “If you were dumb and a Jew, it was a lot easier to be a Christian.”


–Michelle Cottle

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Have at it.

They are supporting Quinton Mecke, Ahimsa Porter Suchai, and Chicken John for mayor – the ABG slate. Well, they’re technically not a slate since they’re running against each other.

Ahimsa means “truth force.” I remember that from my Ghandi readings in college.


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