A few days ago Mark posted the following about Tuesday’s hearing. I think it’s noteworthy enough for the main page.

Mark Lovelace said…I was there in Corpus Christi on Tuesday. No one from Palco cared to correct the judge as to whether PL is really the largest landowner and employer. Ultimately that was not the point. The implication of the judge’s question was that something must really be wrong when no one is coming to this company’s defense.

PL’s attorney tried to explain it away by saying that Humboldt County is “a tough place,” to which the judge responded perceptively “Maybe it’s a tough place because you made it a tough place.”

And, 10:39/1:37, the judge made some very heartfelt comments at the end of the hearing that showed he really understands that this bankruptcy is much bigger than just the sum of the company’s debts and assets. He realizes that this will affect all of Humboldt County, including the workers, the community, the economy, and the environment.

He said that in his 20 years as a bankruptcy judge, he has had a very few cases that simply could not be resolved, and this is one of them. He then said, “Maybe part of that is my fault, maybe I haven’t been able to give this case the leadership it deserves, and if so I’m sorry.”

Remarkable! I’m at a loss for more words.