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Just read Bob Doran’s NCJ article about the Slow Food movement and its local incarnation. A good read and an interesting concept!

Obviously I’m becoming an expert on them. And a connoisseur. My favorite author is and has always been Dr. Seuss, who introduced the concept of children’s literature as opposed to the “see Tom run” prose which dominated prior. Plus, Dr. Seuss introduced politics into children’s literature – everything from environmentalism (The Loraxx) to anti-fascism (Yertle the Turtle).

My favorites are the Horton sequels. But my question is: in the Horton universe, which story took place first? Obviously the elephant bird pup wasn’t around when the Whoville dust speck blew into Horton’s life. Did he return to the no-good Mayzie bird? Horton sat on that egg for a full year, without protecting the Whoville speck, but then all the animals were chipping in by the end of the Who story.

Also, was the dust speck Whoville the same as in the Grinch story? If so, during the Horton/Wickersham Brothers crisis, did the Grinch chip in with his own yip or yop? He lived on a mountain top. Certainly his contribution would have been crucial.


Is anybody besides me creeped out by The Giving Tree? The tree, for some reason depicted in the story as female, gives everything of herself. The brat gives nothing back. And somehow, we’re supposed to be touched by an ending where the boy can make use of what little she has left?

Was this like some children’s metaphor for a leather scene relationship?


Now I like the Bearingstein Bears stories. But do they move a lot, or does the landscape around them constantly change as in that movie Dark City? In one story they’re surrounded by farms. In another they’re in a neighborhood with other kids. The treehouse itself seems to alter shape from story to story – but then the father is a woodworker and maybe he just can’t sit still.


Does Curious George ever get anyone killed?


And where does Clifford, well, you know, go?


Dr. Seuss stamp image is from here.

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