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Where exactly is “Northern California?”

As I’ve said before, I generally don’t second-guess attorneys who make settlements – certainly not when all I have for information is what can be summed up in a newspaper article.

On the other hand, just by virtue of the defendant’s response in court this verdict can’t be described as anything but extremely disappointing.

And again, there are numerous reasons not to take a matter to trial, the well-being of the victim being a prominent consideration.

And as a Gallegos supporter, I have to admit that a string of settlements like these begin to look troubling.

Addendum: Rose has some of her own thoughts on the story.

Second addendum: Yet another case involving allegations of sexual assault. Maybe if I can find the time I’ll put together a comprehensive list for overview purposes. Or maybe Rose has already done this?

I’ve said it before. Barring a major hemorrhage, which is always possible.

I just got these figures from Kos. Note that Clinton is clobbering the strongest Republicans in their home states, and it really shouldn’t be that close in Kansas. The election’s a long way off, but this really isn’t where the Republicans want to be right now.

We’ve seen SUSA matchups in Missouri, New Mexico, and Ohio here, Alabama, Kentucky, and Virginia here. and California, Oregon, and Washington here.

Kansas. 6 Electoral votes. Bush won in 2004 by 25%. Clinton versus Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney.

Clinton (D) 40 (36)
Giuliani (R) 54 (56)

Clinton (D) 44 (45)
Thompson (R) 49 (48)

Clinton (D) 45 (44)
Romney (R) 45 (44)

Massachusetts. 12 Electoral votes. Kerry won in 2004 by 25%. Clinton versus Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney.

Clinton (D) 57 (56)
Giuliani (R) 37 (36)

Clinton (D) 62 (64)
Thompson (R) 30 (29)

Clinton (D) 62 (63)
Romney (R) 33 (30)

New York. 31 Electoral votes. Kerry won in 2004 by 19%. Clinton versus Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney.

Clinton (D) 59 (58)
Giuliani (R) 37 (36)

Clinton (D) 64 (64)
Thompson (R) 31 (30)

Clinton (D) 64 (66)
Romney (R) 27 (27)

The media has already coroneted her. The money’s going to her – I think she’s raising more money than any of the Republican candidates at this time which hasn’t happened I’m pretty certain since 1996. Yes, I know people don’t like her. But when a country is in crisis, as a matter of reality or perception, likability declines as a factor. People think she will get things done, and moderates are pining for the Clinton “glory days.”

Barring a dark horse ringer, or a scandal, I don’t see anyone overtaking her. For better or worse.


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