Since my youth, I’ve “acquired” what I like to consider sophistication in my palate in spite of the initial taste bud rebellion. I learned to prefer dry wines to sweet wines. I learned to prefer wheat bread to white bread. I learned to prefer coffee without cream and sugar. I learned to prefer the real peanut butter from which the oil separates to the stuff loaded with lard and sugar. I’ve even come to enjoy brewer’s/nutritional yeast on popcorn.

But no matter how many dark chocolate bars I eat – the ones that label with pride the cocoa content of seventy percent or above- I just can’t get by the sour aftertaste and, more to the point, the heavenly flavor of milk chocolate. I know it’s better for me. My wife and kids prefer it. I know the sugar and milk obscure the “true flavor” of the chocolate on some esoteric level.

Just call me a chocolate Philistine. What can I say?

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