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Since my youth, I’ve “acquired” what I like to consider sophistication in my palate in spite of the initial taste bud rebellion. I learned to prefer dry wines to sweet wines. I learned to prefer wheat bread to white bread. I learned to prefer coffee without cream and sugar. I learned to prefer the real peanut butter from which the oil separates to the stuff loaded with lard and sugar. I’ve even come to enjoy brewer’s/nutritional yeast on popcorn.

But no matter how many dark chocolate bars I eat – the ones that label with pride the cocoa content of seventy percent or above- I just can’t get by the sour aftertaste and, more to the point, the heavenly flavor of milk chocolate. I know it’s better for me. My wife and kids prefer it. I know the sugar and milk obscure the “true flavor” of the chocolate on some esoteric level.

Just call me a chocolate Philistine. What can I say?

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I had the opportunity to watch a Fox News gab fest this morning – four right wingers and moderately left Juan Williams – and with the one exception they all seemed to believe the president would actually win points with the association. Personally I think it was the dumbest comment he’s made since “bring em on.”

Later on that show the host tried to slam Bill Moyers for the latter’s report that various acquaintances of Karl Rove say that he’s an agnostic who merely manipulates religion for political gain. The host’s response? Moyers didn’t ask Rove. Rove told the host that he’s Christian, and that’s that. Moyers should have asked Rove.

I mean, am I missing something?


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