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I’d hoped this thing would die down by now, but there were two All-sides-now entries last night on Estelle’s resignation – both very articulate singing her praises and one calling for her to run for supervisor.

Meanwhile, Anna’s got a letter in the Eureka Reporter.

I heard from my partner that somebody who spoke to him think’s it’s my fault that Estelle is leaving. He hasn’t elaborated. It’s a curious accusation, seeing as how her resignation was already announced before I posted anything about it. I imagine it’s all about the “climate” I’ve created by allowing people to post their opinions on my blog. Whatever.

Estelle’s last news broadcast will be aired tomorrow night.

Photo comes from Camp Betty Campout.

AP says iberals read more books.

34 percent of conservatives have not read a book within the past year, compared with 22 percent of liberals and moderates.

– Among those who had read at least one book,

conservatives “typically read eight” books in the past year. Liberals read nine, moderates five.– “By slightly wider margins, Democrats tended to read more books than Republicans and independents. There were no differences by political party in the percentage of those who said they had not read at least one book.”

Here’s an amusing response from a conservative pundit. The poll is faulty because after all conservatives spend more time reading on the Internet!

What is probably the most likely answer for the variation between the number of books liberals and conservatives read is that conservatives have aggressively embraced the new media, and since the amount of reading material available on the Internet is infinitessimally easier to access than books, conservatives are spending exhorbitant amounts of time online reading — much more reading than they ever did even before, leaving them with less time to read books.


It’s easy to see why Schroeder is claiming this — she’s trying to reverse a long held stereotype of liberals. Liberals have been stereotyped for years as lacking the intellectual rigor of conservatives…

No, it’s not satire! Maybe if she read more books she could spell exorbitant and infinitesimally.

Okay, that was a cheap shot considering my spelling disabilities. But since she and her political creed have “aggressively embraced the new media,” you’d think she would aggressively embrace spellcheck.

Oh, here’s another good one!

“Liberals read more books because they read fiction only. Conservatives are too busy reading lengthy non-fiction dealing in facts!”

There’s so much to work with in that comment. I just don’t have the time!

And Whitehouse spokesman Tony Fratto may not read books, but he does know how to consult a thesaurus. He accuses liberals of being “locquacious.”

This poll comes on the heels of another poll that suggested that Fox News watchers are less informed than Colbert watchers. The graph comes from Think Progress, linked just above. Click on the graph to enlarge.

Honestly, I don’t think these polls mean much, as there are multiple explanations in alternative to the obvious Archie Bunker implications (and the lame explanations above). But they’re too much fun to pass on.


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