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No North Coast Journal at Jacoby’s Storehouse this week. From the Arcata Eye:

Downtown business organization Arcata Mainstreet (AMS) has pulled copies of the Aug. 16 edition of the North Coast Journal from its periodical room in the lobby of Jacoby’s Storehouse.The decision was made in an “informal vote” of the AMS board following its Thursday morning meeting.

The board had been “pretty discouraged” over the Journal’s cover, according to Taffy Stockton, AMS executive director.


Following the board action, Stockton called Journal Editor Hank Sims and asked him to remove the copies, and Sims quickly complied, removing the 60 or so copies stocked at the location. Kathy Fraser, proprietor of the North Soles shoe store on the Plaza, strongly objected to the image she said the Journal cover projected during back-to-school week. “It’s the time of the year when we have students coming in and the Journal is telling them where to get weed,” she said. “The timing was my biggest issue.”

Now, if anybody would have had cause to be upset (however dubious), it would be HSU.

HSU Public Affairs Officer Paul Mann said the university was aware of the controvesial cover, but had no response to offer regarding the Journal’s editorial content. However, he said the university had no intention of preventing the Journal’s distribution from the free racks it maintains at numerous sites around the campus.

“Certainly not,” Mann said. “It’s freedom of speech. That would be Stalinist.”


And by the way, for those who like to slam Kevin Hoover alleging his compromises to power, there are plenty of editors who wouldn’t take on their own landlords!


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