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Good for Myrtletown!

Maybe Garberville and/or Reday residents should think about putting something together. Our cable rates are ridiculous.

While we wait for the Cheri Moore report, which will hopefully be forthcoming as the Kessler matter has been resolved, the DA’s office issued a report on the more recent Jonnie Honda shooting which followed a long stand-off at a motel on the main drag. The conclusions seem fair as by all accounts the man, who was under charges of child molestation, had suicide in mind but wanted the act done for him.

From the Times-Standard:

”There were extensive efforts at negotiations over the course of many hours, continuous consultations with mental health professionals, and a well-crafted tactical plan,” he said in a release. “Every possible effort was made by the Eureka police to resolve this incident peacefully.”

Whatever Gallegos concludes in the Moore case, there probably won’t be a counterpart to that paragraph.

I listened to what I could of Thank Jah, in between phone calls. Fred argued that the RR protests amount to a “footnote” representing the opinions of maybe 200 people in the community. The implication was that the community supports PP against the Mateel, and that it was reflected in the comments made by local ticket buyers at the event as reported on the KMUD news (I didn’t hear the report).

Owl responded with uncharacteristic emotion that Fred had not attended the meetings. I agree that the meetings certainly suggest a different picture. I would estimate that the breakdown of the meeting last fall at the Mateel was about 2 to 1 in favor of the Mateel, just based on scanning the audience for their reactions to speakers. I felt that there was a partisan pro-PP crowd on the north side of the hall, mostly standing around the doorway and the stairs. It seemed to me that about 3 out of 4 of those in the seats were clapping for pro-Mateel speakers. But this is also hardly scientific, as there is no indication that the attendance was representative of the community as a whole. The event was also being broadcast by KMUD.

We’ll probably never know where the community as a whole stands. I know that there are many, many people on both sides. Hundreds, maybe thousands on each side. There are very few neutral people in the community.

I imagine that each side believes it’s in the majority. So if you’re going to voice an opinion as to the breakdown, you might want to state some objective basis for the opinion.

I do have an estimate myself. I’ll share it later on.

As mentioned earlier, I just spent a couple of nights in Guerneville, which has been and remains a resort area for what has been termed “the gay culture.” There’s a theater there. This weekend is “Bear Weekend.” They’re playing “Fuzz,” “Sweat,” and “Mega Woof.” Don’t ask me what that last titled means.


I’ve never quite gotten porn. Back as a teenager a friend of mine, Steve, knew of a place just off Market Street in SF which was pretty lackadaisical when it came to carding for age verification. We got up the nerve to head down one day, when I was 15. Another friend and I arrived early, so we waited for Steve – just in case there was some sort of “trick” to get in. But when he arrived we just went up to the booth and gave the woman our money. There was a rush of adrenalin as we dropped our ticket in the box and avoided eye contact with the usher. All of the sudden we were in. We got away with it!

That was about as exciting as it got, for my part.

About 40 minutes into the first film I realized that at about 20 minutes into the film I’d seen pretty much everything I was going to see. Still a virgin at that time, I resolved that I was somehow going to look more dignified when I got around to it.

I took notice of the people around me. Unlike the movies and magazine accounts where everyone is breathing hard and/or active in a Pee Wee Herman sort of way, the guys, and all of them were guys, sat there staring without any hint of emotion or passion. It was more like they were regulars in some sort of church ritual, taking it in like some kind of visual communion in lieu of actually feeling anything.

We sat through the first, and left about 15 minutes into the second. Maybe we just weren’t mature enough to appreciate the nuances.


Heard an interview with a male porn star a couple of years ago. I’d always assumed that the reason male porn stars aren’t as good looking compared to the female stars was that the films were marketed for men. They are. But the overriding criteria is the ability to get it up and keep it up on demand. He described the filming as the most unerotic experience, having to spend large amounts of time in positions with lights under, above, and around. He described moments when even the professional couldn’t perform, and it didn’t help as everyone else is getting cranky, looking at their watches, wanting to get home.

It explains why the “actors” look so disinterested.


Okay, I was turned on by one sex scene on film. In The Hunger, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon get it on. Deneuve is a vampire. I found the scene a turn-on, until Sarandon got bit. Call me square, but the blood is a turn-off.

But then, it isn’t porn. Among other things, the music is much better. And they seemed interested. No waiting around for an erection obviously.


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