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So says Fortuna resident John Koerschgen in his letter to the Eureka Reporter.

In response to The Rev. Thomas Slater’s comments on marijuana on Aug. 5: Yes, God created all things and called them good, “until” man disobeyed, then Mr. Slater, basically all hell broke loose, and I am sorry to tell you but that act of man also affected plants and animals. Animals started killing and eating each other. Plants started competing against each other (weeds, the farmers’ nightmare); they got thorns on them and became poisonous.

If you’re correct, you should go out and roll a poison oak joint and smoke it, or better yet, make some Alice B. Toklas cookies with poison oak and eat them and use an oleander leaf in your tea for flavoring. You need to read Romans 8:20-22 to see that all creation is under the curse. If you’re trying to get close to God by using drugs, you have truly deceived yourself.

The anti-Gaia concept has always raised some questions for me however, even within the confines of fundamentalist Biblical literalism. Does the Bible actually say that thorns appeared on plants only after the fall? Could it be that the thorns were there, but the universe was set up so that nobody would cut themselves on them? Were there no sharp objects at all?

And what did we eat? Plants? But Mr. Koerschgen suggests that the competition between the plants is part of the curse (did they accomodate each other before the fall?). What about competition between animals and plants then? Why did we need teeth at all? Or did Adam and Eve not have teeth?

Did the lion have molars instead of fangs prior to the fall? If it had fangs, what for? Is there anything in the Bible that indicates actual physical transformations of life? The only one I can think of is the verse that reads that women shall give birth in pain. Apparently there were no nerve endings down there prior to the fall. And we know that the ecosystem became finite such that men now have to get their food with “sweat on their brow.” And we know that psychologically all women hate snakes (unless they’re heathens I suppose). But nothing about plants growing thorns, becoming poisonous, or developing psychotropic biochemicals.

Painting of The Fall comes from Panorama of the Ages.

Let’s keep the diatribes to a minimum please. Putting aside recent Sohum politics, she has served the community well for many years. She was underpaid for the work she put in, and often she worked hours for which she was not compensated. The Canoe fire coverage comes to mind.

Her last day is August 24.

Unfortunately she is also giving up her Irish music show as well.

The question now is about her replacement. Maybe Cristina B. will reconsider if it’s a full time job. Cristina?

When I have some time I’m going to write up some more about her years of service.

A few samples of a great set.

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