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A regular SP reader sent me a link to this article several weeks ago. It’s not an argumentative article, so it doesn’t get into why some medical professionals have attributed the psychosis to habitual marijuana use, but I do think we should be open to the science. I stopped smoking marijuana a couple of decades ago because it was in fact causing problems. They were minor, but they were well defined. And they ended when my use ended.

Corrolation is not necessarily causation obviously. It may not be that the substance itself causes these symptoms, but rather that the addiction is another symptom.

The graph comes from another article on topic, which acknowledges that causation is ambiguous at this time.

But it’s worth looking at, particularly when we’re thinking about kids. And the first article contains a footnote to a study which indicates that the exposure to cannabis has reduced prefrontal cortal dopamine in lab rats. I’m very concerned about that, though there are certainly ambiguities inherent there as well.

Didn’t see this until today. :&(

From the Arcata Eye:

Retired educator, radio veteran and newspaper columnist Jean Wellington died last week at his home in McKinleyville. He was 73.


Wellington retired in 1986 after teaching 25 years in McKinleyville schools. He hosted two radio shows at KHSU 90.5 FM – World of Music, a classical music program, and Good Stuff, a program featuring big band and jazz tunes.

Wellington was a passionate vegetarian who wrote a column called “The Veggie Table” for the McKinleyville Press several years ago. He also wrote a monthly column called “Insight,” which was about the activities of the McKinleyville Senior Center’s Low Vision Support Group, of which Wellington was a part.

I’ve finally had a few minutes to settle down with the local papers from earlier in the week. Redwood Times has no story on the event. A few letters, which also appear in the Independent.

The Independent sort of cranked out a story entitled Reggae Fest Still Short of a Sellout. The first sentence reads:

For the first time in recent memory, tickets for this weekend’s Reggae Rising festival are still available and its organizers will set up an outside box office if the festival isn’t sold out.

First time in recent memory? I don’t remember Reggae Rising selling out at any time in any memory. Since this year’s event is the first, it’s breaking a record with every ticket it sells!

But then my confusion was cleared up later in the article.

Known as Reggae on the River for over 20 years, Reggae Rising has some new elements…

Not what People Productions’ attorneys want to be reading in a newspaper while defending against a intellectual property suit! I think the deposition subpoena list just grew.


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