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Both Anna and BR referenced it in their All Sides Now comments last night. Wasn’t it supposed to be near the Chevron station?

Talk about a marathon!

I have a trial on Monday. Couldn’t resolve it today. I’m not going to talk about it, and I wouldn’t say that I’m pissed about the case.

But I will be eating nothing but raw meat over the weekend!


I left my kids Sunday afternoon. I got to see them for a couple of hours yesterday as they and my wife were headed to the Bay Area for the weekend. I may not see them again until Tuesday or Wednesday. I really wanted to join them in the Bay Area. But…., well…, it would be unprofessional for me to talk about it.

This is my longest separation from either of them since they came into my life. I miss my wife too, but it’s easier to commune with her on the telephone.


So I’m batching it for a few days. Got to have a well needed hippie comfort food meal tonight – Sohum Thai chicken at the Mateel Cafe – extra spicy. Then I walked over to the supermarket to revisit my college era cuisine. Okay, not quite. I didn’t have much money in college, so my cuisine was often limited to whatever I had to throw into a bowl of top ramen, which you could get at 5 packages for a dollar at Safeway. So tonight I bought what I might of had in college whenever I had some money.

I came across two people who come here regularly. I got a very nice complement from one, and another greeted me and asked “keeping your brain moving?”

I responded “unfortunately too much.”

He responded: “that’s not good Eric.”

Probably not.


Fortunately, tonight I’ve got some mindless movies to still the cognitive momentum. I’ll probably watch Aeon Flux. Not sure if it’s the MTV cartoon which I remember from the 90s, an anarchist babe superheroine who single-handedly fights the fascism of the future. It may be the more recent movie with the blonde who played in The Devil’s Advocate, Charlie something? Probably not as good as the cartoon. Certainly not too intellectually stimulating.


Had no trouble getting through the RR zone this afternoon. Unfortunately, I have to go through there again on Sunday to get to my Monday morning trial in Ukiah.

I think I’ve tried just about every restaurant in Ukiah. They may be the topic of a post one of these days.


So after this upcoming trial I think I’m trial free until November! I have one set in September, but I think I have that one settled – knock on wood. So unless a case wanders into the office in which a potential client has fired his/her attorney in the eleventh hour, and my partners overrule me by accepting it, I should have some time to quiet my tired brain. Four trials in the course of five weeks. Don’t try this at home!


Photo comes from a Federal District Court site.


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