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I have to be back in court soon, but I thought I’d post an open thread.


I haven’t commented on the Minnesota bridge story yet. I imagine the talking heads are movinginto the “why did it happen” mode, which is not necessarily the same as “how did it happen.” Here’s the latest from the Chronicle.


Somebody shot and killed the editor of the Oakland Post.


Newsom signed more gun regs into SF law.


And for you reggae conflict junkies, here’s a link to the Ipod broadcast of the Chron’s coverage. I’m in a library so I can’t listen to it yet. Not sure I’m going to bother.

Oh, pardon. There’s no such thing as an anti-semite. I should probably retitled the thread “Military oppresses anti-zionists.”

The article was generated by the Southern Poverty Law Center. An excerpt:

Another radical traditionalist profiled by the Report, hard-line anti-Semite E. Michael Jones, caused a ruckus during a March speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Jones joined other extremists at a conference held to promote the ideas of white nationalist columnist Sam Francis, who died in 2005. The meeting was organized by the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation, where Francis was a resident scholar. The foundation is headed by Fran Griffin, who runs a public relations firm, Griffin Communications, that also publishes “Sobran’s”, a newsletter by columnist Joe Sobran. Sobran is an anti-Semite who has written for a Holocaust denial journal. (Ed. note: Sobran is also a former editor of “National Review”, which was founded by William F. Buckley).

A red-faced and shouting Jones devoted a full hour to denouncing the “revolutionary Jew” who, he claimed, has been fighting the Catholic Church and Christianity in general for some 2,000 years. Among other things, Jones denounced the civil rights movement as “controlled by Jews” who used blacks as “pawns.”

Jones’ furious speech was not received well by most attendees, who had expected a more dignified gathering. Attendee Peter Brimelow — the man who runs, a white supremacist website named after Virginia Dare, who is said to be the first white born in the New World — even called Jones a “Catholic bigot” and mocked him as “a prize specimen even by the standards of my lifelong study of characters on the American right.” Jones was so extreme that C-SPAN decided to cancel a planned broadcast of the event.

SLPC sponsors hatewatch.

I’m going to up and move onto some other topics I promise, but somebody sent me a link to this column of Marc Cooper’s. I really do miss Radio Nation which aired on KMUD for several years until the local political orthodoxy asserted its prerogative. I don’t agree with mandatory service, and I think he’s hard on Cindy Sheehan who is simply a working class woman thrust into the left political milieu late in life.

The subject of the article is Scott Ritter, currently in favor with the dominant paradigm of the peace movement. I think he’s about to lose his halo.

Though I don’t always agree with him, I give former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter a lot of credit. As a veritable hero of the American anti-war movement he could simply bask in the adulation offered up by its adherents and play to his admiring audience.

Instead, Ritter continues to rely on that scarce faculty known as critical thinking as he persists in criticizing and challenging that movement to grow up and move from the margins.

His latest piece, which I hope you read, takes some pretty serious shots at Cindy Sheehan who, as far as I can tell has pretty much slid off the rails of any reasonable political thought. Ritter rightfully frets about the self-referential and self-marginalizng factions of the pro-impeachment movement which are increasingly inter-mingling with the peace movement.

I know, I know. It’s divisive. We need action, not thought about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.


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