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From (Independent section):

On August 18 and 19, Solar Living Institute presents SolFest, the world’s premier two-day celebration of renewable energy and sustainable living at the Solar Living Center in Hopland.

Since 1996, over 100,000 people have learned how to change the world while having fun at SoFest. Our main stage, family stage, and six workshop tents are filled with world-renowned speakers, musicians and artists, offering keynotes, panels, performances, and over fifty one-hour workshops. The leading developers and distributors of green products and services are here too, sponsoring and exhibiting in hundreds of booths and displays that fill our beautifully landscaped grounds for these two magical days.

There will be workshops on how to build a better world in six workshop areas featuring one-hour seminars on Solar Electric Systems, Strawbale Construction, Socially Responsible Investing, Hydrogen Power, Building with Bamboo, Restorative Farming, Cob Construction, Industrial Hemp, Ecological Design, Permaculture, Green Power Options, Solar Cooking, Electric Vehicles, Sustainable Wastewater Design, Government Rebates for Renewables, Fuel Cells, and Yoga.

The SolFest mainstage will once again feature world class speakers and entertainers. We are very happy to announce that awardwinning singer songwriter Bruce Cockburn will be returning to SolFest. Bruce is one of the most talented and inspiring guitarists and lyricists of the past thirty years. His heartfelt performances are sure to move you.

Songstress Dar Williams will be making her first ever SolFest appearance, and we will also feature the hot Brazilian rhythms of SambaDa.

Speaking on the mainstage this year for the first time, will be Pulitzer Prize winning author and activist Alice Walker. We are also proud to welcome back America’s leading progressive journalist, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. Many other speakers, performers and panels will be added as SolFest approaches.

This year’s SolFest will also feature a stellar lineup for the Saturday Night Moondance. Strutting the stage will be the traveling trashonistas of the Troupe de Trash, featuring high fashion made from garbage; as well as the Gaiatronic Grooves of DJ Dragonfly, and the authentic rhythms of Sila and the Afro Funk Experience. Moondance admission is free with every paid Saturday or weekend ticket.

The Family Stage features music, clowns, puppets and ‘edu-tainment’ for all ages. The nearby Central Oasis features a fun zone where kids can cool off in the bubbling stream while learning about solar energy and the characteristics of life-giving water. The “flow-form,” designed by Rudolph Steiner soothes the children’s spirits while activating their imaginations. And the Solar Living Institute is also home to the world’s only solar-powered carousel featuring indigenous Mendocino County critters, and the kids love to take a spin on the ‘solar skunk!

SolFest is unique in many ways. It is a learning opportunity second to none. It is a celebration like no other. And it is a magnet for the best and brightest from around the country and the world, who get together every year to exchange ideas, network, and recharge their intellectual and emotional batteries for the year ahead.` The Solar Living Institute’s home, the Solar Living Center, is a unique solar-powered permaculture site. Our year-round commitment to demonstrating to and educating the public embody the principles of SolFest. This gives attendees and sponsors alike a uniquely powerful understanding of the possibilities of renewable energy, green building and more. Tickets are $45 both days; $30 Saturday only; $25 Sunday only, with $5 off for Mendocino County residents.

For more information call 707-744-2017 or


Somebody posted the following in the Iran post.

I know this isn’t germane to the post but I just noticed that there doesn’t appear to be any Jah Motion shuttle buses operating to RR this year.
There were no schedules posted in the papers or any other mention.
Am I missing something here, or are the locals who want to go being encouraged to drive down to Payn’Park this year?
Got to keep those revenues up and expenses down.
Now back to your local station…..

If anybody cares why there aren’t any Jah Motion shuttles please feel free to (yawn) talk about it.

Update: Apparently there are shuttles. Settled? Good.

From the Dissent website:

The editors of Dissent asked a number of distinguished commentators to respond to the following statement and questions:

For a quarter of a century, Iran has been ruled by a militant theocracy. After the shah’s regime–authoritarian, brutal, and backed by the United States–was overthrown, the new regime quickly proved itself to be authoritarian, cruel, and self-warranted by Islamic fundamentalism. Reform efforts have proved chimerical, and Tehran has pursued nuclear capabilities with vigor, long deceiving the International Atomic Energy Agency and Western interlocutors about its efforts. To what extent should the character of the Iranian regime govern Western responses to its ambitions? Should Iran be considered just one state among others, seeking its legitimate self-interests? What “threat” does the current Iranian regime pose in today’s world? –Eds.

Read the responses: Shlomo Avineri, Michael W. Doyle, Yitzhak Nakash, Suzanne Nossel, Anne-Marie Slaughter.

The responses are short, articulate, and diverse. I expect some posters will trot out their own views, or Noam Chomsky’s, but what I’d like to see is direct responses to the views expressed by the symposium participants.

So says the Marin County coroner.

Not me though. I’m afraid of heights.

Photo is from SF GATE.

Addendum: Wow! Two death topic posts in a row. Didn’t notice that until a moment ago. I’ll try to cheer it up a little with my next post.

Second Addendum: The Bay Guardian reports on a recent work death on the bridge in which the company avoided penalties on a bizarre technicality.


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