Ernie posted this in the thread below:

I’m not certain, maybe someone will let us know, but I think that the Wailaki Tribe is having a fundraiser at Beginnings on May 26, and they will be serving food. The Redway fire department is having their 36 Annual Barbecue on May the 26. Beef and Pork. So It sounds like no one should have to cook this weekend.My suggestion would be have lunch with the Wailakis, then go to the KMUD party, then go to dinner at the Redway Fire Department, then go dance it all off to the Iron Maidens. But what are we going to do Sunday and Monday?

The fire department barbecue usually has a fire engine for the kids to climb on. It’s a fun event. My family will be there.

As for Sunday, well, isn’t the Kinetic Sculpture Race taking place? I can’t access the website to find out. Usually, the water crossing takes place on Sunday morning.

Okay, here’s the K.S.R. blog at the KHUM site.