He passed away this morning at the age of 51. He had been struggling with stage 4 cancer for some time. I didn’t know him all that well, but I worked with him a few times and heard his music on occasion. I worked with his wife Cher during my time on the CLMP board and he often attended events where I had some terrific political conversations with him. He is survived by Cher and a son (Trevor) and daughter (Asia).

Please feel free to post thoughts. If anybody has a photograph for me to post please send it.

Kimba took these photos in the early years of ROTR and has posted these photos over at the ROTR chat site. In the one below he’s playing with Rod Deal.

Below is a portrait by Georgia Long. The painting has been given to Cher. Thanks to Georgia for sending this to me this morning! You can enlarge all of these images by clicking on them.

The photo below was taken by Kimba. Ty’s with his wife and daughter. According to Kimba, his family was with him when he passed away in his home.

The photo below was posted on the ROTR chat site by a poster named “glass napkins.” The photo is from “The Clue.”