Captain Buhne recently noted that Paul Gallegos has managed to stay out of the headlines for quite some time now. Seemed like he graced the front page on a daily basis last summer and fall. Obviously most of the Gallegos hate brigade which used to fill the local blogs, this one included, with comments you’d expect about a convicted child molester, finally became resigned to the fact that they’re stuck with him another four years absent yet another recall attempt. Even Rose’s blog has been quiet.

I noted in Buhne’s comments section that some decision about the Moore case was long overdue. The Times Standard seems to have taken my cue. Paul does owe the public an explanation for the length of this process. What is he waiting for? Are there more leads to follow up?

As for the hate brigade, coffee break’s over! Pickins may be slim, but you’ve got work to do!

Anybody who needs a refresher on the issue click here.

Update: There! Maybe that title will wake some of them up. Man! No wonder they’ve lost three elections in a row.