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What: Presentation and discussion regarding PL Bankruptcy
When: Tues, March 20, 7:00pm
Where: HSU campus (Arcata), Science B, Rm 135

You are all invited to a presentation and discussion regarding the Pacific Lumber Bankruptcy! Mark Lovelace of Humboldt Watershed Council will give a power point presentation outlining the economic and related history of Pacific Lumber since the Maxxam takeover. Also, the presentation will aid in our understanding of the Pacific Lumber chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization process and possibilities. Open discussion and refreshments will follow. All are welcome. This free event will be held Tuesday, March 20th at 7:00pm, Science B 135.

On Sunday night my wife decided that we were going to have a family meeting so that the kids could have some input on “family rules.” Naturally, my 5-year-old was full of ideas including rules from school, mostly about respect for others and safety. Then he came up with some rules about issues for which he’s gotten into trouble.

The little one, two and a half, sat quietly until asked if she had any rules to suggest. “No putting the kitty in the garbage.” That was all she had to add.

I didn’t dare ask.

Shell Oil is proposing a “huge” wind power project in the hills to the south of Ferndale. I know that environmentalists have complained about the impact of wind power on birds (who fly into them apparently – and the magnitude and effects of mitigation techniques are a matter of dispute). Probably other environmental issues will be raised.

On the other hand, environmentalists have to let up somewhere. We need power obviously and pretty much everything we do is going to have some environmental impact.

Somebody at a website called “Treehugger” (also linked above) makes the following observation:

It’s a given that anytime we post a story on wind power someone is going to comment that “turbines kill birds,” suggesting that wind power may therefore be unacceptable. Compared to what? Hitting birds with automobiles (along with turtles, groundhogs, and deer)? Birds caught by feral cats? Birds colliding with buildings or phone towers? Quite possibly, a higher mortality will be attached to the transmission wires needed to get the wind power to market. Why, then, do many associate bird mortality only with wind turbines? We hope to get to the bottom of this “death by turbine” myth hole, and point to the factors that can actually be managed though public involvement.

The article then discusses in more detail some of the mitigating factors, and some of the bird-death stats.

Photo source.

A blog regular just called me to ask why none of the bloggers was reporting on Saturday’s peace demo at the courthouse. If anybody has any information please post it and I’ll move some or all of it to the main post.

I drove by it but unfortunately couldn’t do more than honk in support. I had no idea it was happening until that moment. Was this a demo exclusive to ESP gifted opponents of the Iraq war?

Also, I know my advice often falls on deaf ears. At least this demo took place on a weekend when working people could attend. But if you want to broaden your base, avoid vulgarities and focus the demo on a point of unity. Many people opposed the invasion of Iraq, but not necessarily the invasion of Afghanistan. And really, the 911 conspiracy folk should organize their own demos for that particular issue.

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