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EPIC is proud to host ALICE DiMICELE’S CD RELEASE PARTY and Alice is proud to perform for EPIC’s benefit on Friday, March 2 at the Beginnings Octagon in Briceland


Dinner: 6:00pm ($8.00 for full dinner, a la carte items available)
Eco-Updates: 7:30pm
Mooky the Clown: 8:15pm (of Dell Arte, Cirque du Soleil, & New Pickle Circus)
ALICE! 8:30pm

Please join us for our annual PISCES party to celebrate environmental activism–you don’t have to be a PISCES baby to attend! A battalion of EPIC associates and friends are born under the sign of the fish: among them, our renowned attorney, Sharon Duggan, ancient forest goddess Sue Moloney, who will be our chef for the party, and the indomitable Richard Geinger are some of the folks we’ll be celebrating.

Come out and celebrate life, support EPIC’s work, and hear Alice DiMicele perform the best of her new CD!

Please forgive the late notice; the power outage was the straw that broke the work plan’s back!

Jan Bramlett

EPIC–Environmental Protection Information Center
PO Box 397, Garberville, CA 95542
707-923-4210 (fax)

PO Box 147, Eureka, CA 95502
707-476-8365 (fax)


This is a bad year for liberal icons, although Schlesinger passes away at a ripe age.

I’ll post well-written eulogies as I come across them. I may write something more later when I have some time.

AP has a nice tribute which notes that he had attended an history forum as late as a week before he died.

He was also a blogger, sort of. Ariana Huffington writes:

In the months leading to the launch of The Huffington Post, I always knew that I wanted our group blog to include the best of the old and the best of the new. And there was nobody better as a representative of the old establishment culture than Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

So the very first person I approached about blogging for HuffPost was Arthur.

He invited me to lunch at the venerable Century Club to discuss it. I arrived to find Arthur and his wonderful wife, Alexandra, already seated at the table.

“What is a blog?” he asked. “And what is blogging?”

So in this bastion of the Old Guard, I found myself explaining to a man who didn’t do e-mail, and who considered his fax machine a revolutionary way to communicate, what blogging is. Of course, he got it instantly — and almost as quickly agreed. With one proviso: “Can I fax you my blogs?” he said.

“Of course,” I replied, since I’ve never agreed with the purists that it ain’t blogging if it’s not done on Moveable Type.

And, indeed, his first faxed blog post arrived — and was posted — on May 9, 2005, the day HuffPost launched.

Here’s a great quote from Galbraith:

“The good historian does not stop with the history. As the situation requires and compels, he goes on to making it.” — John Kenneth Galbraith on the legacy of Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

That’s from this Nation piece by John Nichols, also worthwhile.

Photo is from the Chronicle.

Thanks to Captain Buhne for the heads up.

As I said before, but for the 32 million Mendoland has already ponied up for the project, I wouldn’t be heartbroken. All of the projects listed in this article seem a greater priority to me – every single one.

Maybe the local reps can demand the state make it up to us in school repair and building funds. Or hospital services funds.

It’s not because one almost ran me over in Eureka yesterday, though that didn’t help.

About a year and a half ago my car broke down in Willows as I was on my way to Chico for depositions. While it was being repaired I was forced to rent a PT Cruiser, which reminded me of the Hearselette sports car the Bud Cort character drove around in Harold and Maude (I guess the character would be “Harold” – it’s been a while). I found the car unsettling and wasn’t sure why.

I figured it out last night. Years ago I had this vivid bizarre dream in which I was alone in my parents home which was then in Brooktrails just outside of Willits. The home I was in was a dream distortion of the real thing, along with the road and surrounding woods. A serial killer had been shooting residents to death in the area (why I was there alone I have no idea) and all they knew about the perp was a vehicle which looked something like a more angular PT Cruiser, years before the latter was designed of course. I think my subconscious was going for a similar retro effect, and I’d recently seen that Bonnie & Clyde rip-off movie with Angie Dickenson and William Shatner.

Anyway, I’m on the balcony of the second story (there’s no balcony on the real live house) when a white boxy PT Cruiser like vehicle pulls into the driveway. I’m of course terrified, but fortunately my vehicle wasn’t there so I stay quiet hoping the presumed killer will assume that nobody is home. Sure enough, the car leaves. But a moment later it returns. From the vehicle emerges a very beautiful woman about my age (20s at the time) except that her hair is pure white. There’s a lawn chair out front and she proceeds to lie in it face up and close her eyes.

Okay, this is where the dream gets stupid. I know she’s probably the killer packed with heat, but I also find her very attractive and so like a complete moron I lean over the railing and say “hello.” Her eyes still closed, her mouth widens into a creepy grin that immediately tells me I made a stupid mistake (and sends chills down my spine to this day), and when her eyes open they’re jet black and glaring right through me.

I didn’t wait around. I woke up immediately. I’ve always had that “power” in my bad dreams ever since I was a kid.

As I think about it, my picking on the girl in Pan’s Labyrinth in a previous post seems pretty hypocritical. Feel free to psychoanalyze – it was probably just my subconscious telling me to stop thinking with my schlong.

Anyway, I’m just typing here. I need some sleep. I’ll get back to the topics of the day, whatever they may be, tomorrow.

Oh, the photo is from the Chrysler site.

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