A nice show yesterday afternoon. They’re getting older, and emphasizing theater over acrobatics. It was a lot of fun.

The occasional political humor drew a mixed response – awkward silence with scattered applause. There was a joke about Iraq that I didn’t quite pick up due to the little two-year-old distraction sitting next to me, which drew the aforementioned response and an “oh nice!” from a woman across the aisle, and a responsive “oh, stupid!” from a cranky woman right behind me. Such is cultural life in the “purple state” of Humboldt.

The whole family went with friends. Even my two-year-old watched part of it. She was engaged for a good 45 minutes before losing attention, which is longer than I’d expected. I wasn’t certain bringing her was even appropriate, but tickets were gifts from friends who wanted to treat the whole family so we made the effort. So I left early with her, while my son enjoyed the rest of the performance with Mom.

As I said before, the Arkley Center is beautiful and the acoustics are fine. My one complaint about the balcony seats is that they’re too close together. When my two-year-old can reach from her seat and kick the seat in front of her disturbing everyone in the row, you know they’re tight. I felt scrunched, and I’m not tall.

Looked like a good turnout, and I heard a lot of kids in the audience having a great time.