No, not ours. Theirs.

Posting this subject by request. Yes, I do take requests. Somebody sent me a link to this SF Chronicle article. It’s a bit tougher getting into Canada now.

I used to live in Everson, Washington, just outside of Bellingham. I lived about seven miles from Abbotsford, a town about the size of Bellingham just across the border. As I was about 12 miles outside Bellingham, and 7 miles from the border at Sumas, I used to cross the border to do some of my shopping. There was a butcher I really liked, a couple of great bookstores, and thanks to the Sikh population there a great Indian restaraunt.

Well, now I’d have to take my passport along with each trip. Not only that, but my past arrests for civil disobedience might actually prevent my crossing. The article contains accounts of people being denied access for possession medical marijuana cards, as well as past DUI convictions, fraternity pranks, and ancient misdemeanor convictions.

So was this prompted by 911 or threats from so many liberals to move up there after Kerry’s defeat in 2004?

If you want to know if you are admissible into Canada visit this site.