From the Times Standard:

Federal fisheries and wildlife agencies stuck to their guns in a final demand to require Klamath River hydropower dam owner Pacificorp to install ladders for salmon and other fish if it wants a renewed license to operate.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service’s stance on providing ways for fish to get above the dams to spawning grounds that have been cut off for decades changed little since its draft report last year. The agencies also issued a scalding indictment of Pacificorp’s proposal to trap fish and truck them above and below the dams instead.

Advocates for removing the four dams in question believe the order may grease the skids toward a settlement with Pacificorp that would involve tearing the dams out. It would be the largest dam removal project in the country.

Grease the skids?

There’s more through the link. As always, watch out for defamous statements in the article’s comments section.