Jo-Ellen Clark Petersen interviewed me last week as part of her voices in the community series. It was before the deluge, so it seems like ancient history. However, some of the subject matter was ironically very pertinent to recent events on this blog. And thanx no doubt to the excellent editing of Jo-Ellen I actually sounded articulate!

It’ll be aired again tomorrow morning, probably around 8:20. I think I was the last story. You might want to listen at 8:00 however as she also conducted an excellent interview with Justin Crellin of the Mateel about Saturday night’s event. The good news is that the Mateel will be opening again soon, at least for the time being.

I was actually interviewed briefly on KHUM this morning, and I’m going to be interviewed again at about 9:30 tomorrow morning on KSLG – all about the current Sohum tribulations. My 15 minutes have apparently arrived.