Got this from Bob Doran’s reggae blog.

This press release came Monday Afternoon, Jan. 29:


Please note that this year’s Reggae on the River festival will take place on August 3rd, 4th, and 5th at French’s Camp in Piercy, California. Any rumors you may have heard to the contrary are false.

The Mateel Community Center and its board of directors, together with the new production company 2b1 Multimedia, look forward to another excellent year at Reggae on the River® 2007. A major shout out of thanks and recognition goes out to all of our supporters who come from all walks of life. Reggae on the River® is more than a destination. It is a cultural idea.

In The Spirit of Unity. Peace.
Yvonne Hendrix
Press Coordinator
Reggae on the River

What seemed significant was the location — “at French’s Camp” — not on the Dimmick Ranch.

Bob’s comments are in italic, and I agree, the wording is significant. Not sure what it means in the big picture, but maybe they’re just deciding to let Tom off the hook and work with somebody who wants to work with them. The drama continues.

Update: I’m hearing on the grapevine that the wording of the post was in error. Developing.