I’m not going to censor posts unless they move outside all reasonable boundaries of decency. I expect that there’s going to be a great deal of screaming and carrying on over the next couple of weeks, as anxieties mount and hard feelings come back to the surface. A decision was made, and the issue now is where to move.

The Mateel Center will be telephoning all of the coordinators it can reach, to confirm continued interest and obtain feedback. There will be meetings with volunteers and/or the public as well. I’m certain the Mateel will appreciate all constructive input.

Contrary to rumors posted herein, the “database” was apparently given over to the Mateel.

The ROR forum was not hacked nor shut down in an attempt to censor discussion. The forum was not actually a part of the ROR site, but rather was provided by a forum service. The account was in the name of People Productions and so the forum was presumably shut down by PP. I’m told that another forum will be set up soon.

And Taunya Stapp posted in the thread below to confirm that a contract with a new producer is being negotiated presently. I assume that an announcement will be made upon completion.

By all means vent if you must. Use these threads. But please try to stick to the issues and avoid the unnecessary personal attacks. And come Tuesday, I hope the bulk of the community will start to come together to make ROR work.

Update: The ROR forum’s back up! No foul play on the part of anybody. Just coincidental timing.