(Thanx to Garth Epling of the BOD)

Mateel Announces New Direction for Reggae on the River

The Mateel Community Center Board of Directors regrets to announce that extensive mediation with People Productions has failed to produce a favorable result for both parties. The Board remains completely committed to the continuation of Reggae on the River, and is moving forward to ensure the successful production of the festival in 2007. Unfortunately part of that process is ending the existing contract with PP as Carol Bruno has publicly announced that she will not work under that contract with this Board and E.D. In order to move forward the MCC has taken the necessary step of ending the contract with People Productions.

The MCC board feels that a short term licensing of the event is the best course of action. This will protect our intellectual property that is Reggae on the River and give us time to gather community input on the direction of the show. The MCC will announce the licensee in January of the new year. We invite all Reggae volunteers and coordinators who want to continue working for the Mateel to join us for ROTR 2007. They will have every opportunity to retain their positions at the festival. We will work diligently with local non-profit groups to make certain that their places at ROTR are protected.

We will also be working closely with Tom Dimmick, the owner of the ROTR site, to ensure that the festival is an ongoing success. We understand that Reggae on the River is dependent on the support of the local community, and we are counting on everyone to help us make the 2007 festival successful.

The Mateel will be working hard to make Reggae on the River as great as ever this year while we spend the year developing a long-range plan. We have heard the many concerns expressed by community members, and will be designing and implementing a year of planning to develop a long term viable plan for sustaining the Mateel Community Center and Reggae On The River far into the future. The planning will encompass an updated study of current community needs, membership and community meetings for input regarding the direction of the Mateel and ROTR, and a special meeting on the needs of the many local community nonprofit groups which rely on Reggae on the River. We look forward to a year of hard work on building a direction which focuses on the positive and creative well-being of our community.

Finally, the Board wants to express its gratitude to Carol Bruno, owner of People Productions. Under her direction and guidance the festival and the entire community has benefited immeasurably. We gratefully acknowledge the love, hard work, and years of dedication Carol and John Bruno have given to making Reggae On The River a world class event for all of our enjoyment and benefit.

We look forward to another excellent year of Reggae On The River in 2007.