This one looks new. Eye on Humboldt is keeping inventory on the Humboldt blogosphere, the blogger’s name is “Tazman.”

Also just found Forest Defender, which is also new and apparently active. As the title suggests, it’s about anti-logging direct action, with photos.

Came across Big Box Blog which appears to be dedicated to opposition to the proposed Balloon Track development, but it doesn’t look active. I’ll keep an eye on it.

There’s a colorful blog out of Arcata entitled Bohemian Mermaid Palace, which is named after the blogger’s clothing store. The current post is about her “day job” adventures selling buttons and non-pornographic 911 videos. Looks like she’s having fun (with the blog, not necessarily her day job).

Here’s a blog about local culinary adventures entitled Tastes of Humboldt, but it appears to be abandoned.

This one looks like it never got off the ground. It’s a blog for the Non-Prophets, a local rock band. Did the band itself get off the ground?

Not a local blog, but I found this entry by someone who recently visited Southern Humboldt and shared some impressions, however cliche they may be. And here are some travel entries from a couple, one of whom was raised in SoHum.

Update: No kidding! Paul does have a blog.

Some others as well from Axis of Drivel. We do not consent. Mark Konkler (but Mark, you’re not keeping it fresh!). Arcata Whacko. Arcata Radical.

And there is Mattole Wildlands Defense.

Soem of these look abandoned. I’ll check back and put some of them in my link list.