The Times-Standard is estimating Wednesday. The Eureka Reporter Thursday.

Captain Buhne is citing inside information that the Neely/Fleming race is a squeaker at the moment, although if the tallying doesn’t begin until Wednesday as the ER reports it would have to be based on impression rather than hard numbers. I looked for guidance in Buhne’s comments section but somehow the discussion of the election trailed off into a debate about sexual orientation.

Capt. Buhne also raises once again the issue of Kelly Sanders’ involvement in vote counting. It was first reported a couple of months ago in NCJ’s Town Dandy and she happens to be 4th District Supervisor incumbent candidate Bonnie Neely’s sister. As someone who supported Neely’s campaign (once the lone Democrat was absent from the race), I do have to wonder why Sanders did not recuse herself or why Lindsay McWilliams didn’t ask her to sit this one out.

It’s not that I would suspect her of wrongdoing, but public officials are supposed avoid not only actual conflict of interest but also the mere appearance thereof. In a close election like this where the losing sides or their supporters will be looking for anything to scream about, this amounts to a serious miscalculation.

However, Buhne once again references Mark Konkler’s “involvement,” which has been dealt with at length. What’s odd about Buhne raising the issue again is that he had already posted a retraction.

In any case, the break’s over. Back to screaming mode everybody!

Graphic from Rolling Stone.