While it’s certainly less scientific on its face than the HBC poll, the numbers are closer to what I would expect in an accurate poll. I do agree that the “pressure” question is a little odd.

But I suspect that of those who have made up their minds, the pro-Marina Project folk outnumber the anti by about 3 to 2, with a large undecided factor which would incorporate more potential opponents than supporters. I would number among the “undecided” at this point, and I would probably vote the progressive slate in any case because I do believe in what has been termed “public process.” However, Brian Morrissey did make some very persuasive arguments in my meeting with him, and if they got that presentation around they may even have persuaded some of the bleeding hearts. If the poll is accurate, it’ll be interesting to see how it translates into votes next Tuesday.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to meet with Mark Lovelace who’s asked for equal time. Maybe I need to invite players from each side to a radio show.