Some posts have already appeared in the threads below, suggesting that some want to talk about it. I don’t know anything about what happened except that Channel 3 says about 150 people showed up. These comments were posted here within the past hour or so.

SOMEBODY SAID: Maybe they ought to drug test anyone attending the “special” city council meeting. You know the one called to get votes for LaVallee !

I SAY: If LaVallee had been trying to use the meeting to score political points, he would not have treated every speaker with equal respect and given each speaker the same exact amount of time.

LaVallee ran that meeting in a way that did Eureka proud.

and a response:

Actually I heard from a pretty conservative attendee that LaVallee did run the meeting as it should have been run. My beef is that the meeting was run at all. The mayor just getting some last minute FREE campaining in. Shameful.

Vote for Bass, vote for Donald Duck, just don’t vote for LaVallee.

Have at it.

Update: Heraldo was apparently there and reports on it, and where I just learned that Cheri Moore’s son filed suit naming among others Officer Liles. The community is in for a rough ride no matter who wins next week.