No, not this afternoon’s meeting. The ER quietly broke this story a few days ago. Now according to Captain Buhne, LaVallee is commenting: “I am disappointed in my opponent.”

The plane trips themselves don’t amount to much in terms of intrinsic value, but it’s not an image you want tossed into the field a week before the election. Probably won’t make a huge difference as there probably aren’t many fence sitters at this point anyway, but it can potentially take her into what wonks like to call “off message.”

Between this, the HBC poll, and tonight’s special city council meeting, there’ll be plenty on the front pages tomorrow. Just in time for the holiday.

Update: According to the ER article, and Mr. Ferguson who was the first to post in this thread, the trip was for a Bill Simon campaign event and thus not a gift under campaign finance guidelines, which certainly makes sense on the face of it as Bass probably wouldn’t be campaigning for a local office in Palm Springs. If she did any schmoozing for funds or support when she was there it might be ambiguous, but we have no facts to make such an assumption. I will assume then that Bass is amending her statement in an abundance of caution rather than an admission of omission. Besides, how many of you have ever accounted for your frequent flyer miles in your income taxes?

That being said, Ferguson’s counterpoint about Pierson’s donations to LaVallee are only relevant if they were not reported. Perhaps he’s more concerned about the image of Bass riding on the Arkley plane than the material aspects of the issue. Wierd how the plane trip invokes more of a negative image than an above-board $15,000 donation from the same source.