Steve has written up a piece on his blog about his run-ins with KMUD program director Michael Jacinto. A few months back Lewis cancelled a Sunday afternoon show after being told by Michael that he couldn’t air his personal disputes with Bear River Tribal Council chair Leonard Bowman because it would make for bad radio. Steve insists that the differences are a matter of public interest. Lewis’ show was subsequently ended.

I spoke to Michael about it briefly at the Battle of the Bands fundraiser some weeks ago. Michael’s response was that Steve is a pain in the ass to work with and he got tired of it, though he’s interested in airing a conservative talk show (Steve isn’t really conservative, but he falls on the side of conservatives on local issues).

If you have questions about it, you should take it up with the station.

I should say that while I have had some run-ins with the management team while on the Personnel Committee, I have had a number of conservatives speak on my show, and dealt with numerous topics of great controversy to KMUD listeners from debunking 911 conspiracies, to questioning global warming canon, and even taking on some of the common lore around marijuana. Michael has never batted an eye, even when receiving complaints from listeners.

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to hear a Steve Lewis show. Sunday afternoons have been pretty well covered by kid stuff for the past 4 years. If I’d known about it I would have gone out of my way to listen for it.

In the meantime, KMUD should have a conservative commentator with a radio show. Who should it be? Jerry Partain? Chris Crawford? Rose Welch? Mike Harvey? I’m going to talk to Michael about it some more, and I’d like to have names to toss out.