It’s reportedly at 1000 plus acres now, and finally at a point where the fire crews can do something about it. The area lacked roads so it was a matter of dumping water from the air and waiting. Earlier today the smoke was extremely heavy around here, though it seems to be thinning due to a southbound wind which means it’s Laytonville’s turn to breath the stuff for awhile. Probably means we’ll get more smoke from the Willow Creek fire.

Apparently one firefighter has already been treated in the SoHum Hospital emergency room.

Rumor has it the fire was started by hunters, but I haven’t heard about any arrests. It’s too far out to blame this one on the homeless – the official explanation for two earlier local fires.

Soccer games scheduled for Redway this weekend may be postponed. You should contact your coach before making any long drives.

And my secretary was happy to read some TS coverage this morning.