Here’s the TS article. I’ll have more to say later. Feel free to comment in the meantime.

And once again, rent The Oxbow Incident. Or borrow it from the library.

By the way, Courtroom 7 is Judge Cissna. And here is a letter from Max Cardoza, the deputy D.A. who handled handled the matter.

Update: Okay, some closing thoughts. There are two basic lessons to be learned here – two points to remember which will make your lives much easier.

1. Don’t rush to judgment.

2. Eric V. Kirk is always right.

On a serious note, I still view the Heather Muller article as appropriate for the information she had – and she drew none of the wild conclusions that were being tossed around on blogsville, or if she did she was professional enough to keep them to herself pending more investigation. Maybe she should have contacted Cardoza, but she contacted the person at the top and she does live by deadlines. Paul G. could have avoided the story altogether by giving her two minutes of his time. Which brings me to another speculative conspiracy theory. Was the whole thing a set-up? The ER puts a story out that makes some implications. The TS then gets the story right. The grown-ups clean up the mess, and TS wins the round in the paper wars which is fine by Gallegos.

That’s just for fun people. I’m sure if you asked Paul, he’d say something like “really, I’m just not that clever.”

Anyway, I noticed over at Fred’s blog that some of the die-hards are trying to salvage their attacks on Gallegos. Feel free to carry on here as well. The drama’s much better than anything you’d find on Sex in the City or The Sopranos.

Further update: The ER has weighed in with an editorial pointing out the futility of complaining about an incomplete story when you refuse to answer the reporter’s questions that might fill in the gaps.