Jim Webb has crept up in the polls to within the margin of error, and Allen is still trying to fend off the tag of racism after his “macaca” slur, thrown at a native born Virginian (unlike Allen who was born in California) of east Indian descent. The surfacing of the above photo (lifted from Kos) won’t help.

Council of Conservative Citizens is a white supremacist organization that avoids some of the harsher KKK language, ensconced in respectable code words and phrases so that some of the allegedly mainstream conservative leaders have been photographed with them and even spoken at their events, including Senator Trent Lott; Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour; Mississippi state senators Gary Jackson and Dean Kirby; and former governors Guy Hunt of Alabama and Kirk Fordice of Mississippi. Here is the ADL page on them.

Senator Allen in a moment of vivid irony today:

You can tell a lot about people by the folks they stand with…”

Tell us about it George.

I’d previously said that I didn’t think this race was going to be competitive. Just changed my mind.

Update: The Nation’s all over the story.