The would be bane of Arkleyville Larry Glass is a carpetbagger, and apparently legally so. So says Hank Sims.

So I ask, what’s wrong with being a carpetbagger? Is political affinity strictly defined according to geography? I’ve voted for two carpetbaggers since I moved here (Carol Ruth Silver and Michaela Alioto – two figures of SF political fame). Neither of them won. But Hillary Clinton won.

And apparently he’s willing to live in the westside, which if you believe various posters around here and Gallegos detractors, it’s pretty much like living in the post-apocalyptic down under policed only by Mad Max. You’d think they’d admire the commitment. After all, it’s not like having run a business in the neighborhood for 30 years holds any value.

His opponent Mary Beth Wolford agrees (kudos to her character):

One of his opponents — Tish Wilburn — says, in her typically snarky style, that if elected she would change the laws so that you have to live in the city for six months before running for elected office in Eureka. “He’s a carpetbagger!” she shouted, gleefully. But Glass’ main competition, incumbent First Ward Councilmember Mary Beth Wolford, was more magnanimous. “I think every candidate needs to meet the requirements stated in our elections procedures, and he has,” she said last week. “He’s moved into the Old Town area, and he’s registered to vote.”

And of course he also happens to be a mammal, which I think is a requirement.

By the way, I got a personal mention in the second half of Sims’ column for an earlier post. Who is the mysterious owner of