More for the American heartland folk to ignore as they obsess on gay marriage and flag burning. Maybe it’s a deliberate Republican strategy to sleaze out so often that anything becomes old news fast. For whatever it’s worth, the NY Times is reporting that a federal audit has revealed “an accounting shell game to hide ballooning cost overruns” of State Department projects in Iraq.

The agency hid construction overruns by listing them as overhead or administrative costs, according to the audit, written by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, an independent office that reports to Congress, the Pentagon and the State Department.

I imagine it’s getting some coverage on the talking head shows today, with the same old white geezers sitting around a table telling us that they will “wait for the facts.” Of course, there won’t be much media follow-up, and in a week’s time it’ll be old news as some other payola scandal emerges and Republicans can scream about what a negative campaign the 5th Column is running on behalf of the Democrats. Even on the NYT website, the link’s on small print now in the “Washington” section half way down the page listed under an article about Condi Rice returning to Washington and Joe Lieberman’s “sluggish start.”

Is anybody still wondering whatever happened to the 9 billion reported missing a few years ago? Not me. I’ve moved on. That’s what we do here. Old news. Get over it.

Update: Truthout is posting an LA Times article on topic. But I’m not finding any mention on the main pages of the cable news sites.