By now you’re read Heraldo’s Humboldt Herald post on Rob Arkley’s contribution to the Ohio GOP’s efforts to get black voters to vote for their black candidate. And by now you’ve probably heard that their candidate for governor, current attorney general Ken Blackwell, is in deep trouble. Blackwell is facing allegations of impropriety in the 2004 election, when he presided over the state’s election while simultaneously serving as co-chair of Bush’s campaign.

Well, in what appears to be a desperate move, the Ohio Republican’s “social conservative director” Guy Lankford is spreading innuendo to imply that the Democratic Party candidate Ted Strickland is gay. The evidence is that Strickland and his wife spend much of their time in separate residences, and that they have no children.

Playing to homophobia reaped rich rewards for the Ohio GOP (and President Bush) in 2004. This time however, they have a problem in that they would be appealing to a group of voters who probably won’t vote for Blackwell because he’s black. You play you pay.

Update: As pointed out in the comments section, Blackwell is the Secretary of State in Ohio, not Attorney General – which makes sense because the SOS is in charge of elections. Duh.