Travie J. Westlund of Eureka believes that Eureka City Council Member Chris Kerrigan is on the take, or so he says in a letter to the ER. The proof? He was seen wearing a Pierson’s hat as he was helping to clean up the vandalism at Sequoia Park. No kidding! That’s why he’s fighting Arkley on the balloon tract/track. See Pierson supported Kerrigan’s election. Kerrigan opposes Home Depot on the waterfront. Ergo, Pierson has bought Kerrigan, because Kerrigan would have no other rational reason to oppose the Arkley plan.

There are a few other reasons cited here.


Another letter to the ER backs Ann Coulter up in calling the 911 widows (or “Jersey Girls”) whiney wimps because they take issue with people other than the terrorists themselves or Clinton.

Again, can you imagine the fire and brimstone if someone against the war made light of suffering of the war supporting contingent of Gold Star families?


Well, we saw a little of it following the NY Times Op-ed piece claiming that progressive anti-war demonstrators were protesting at military funerals and hospitals. FAIR did some groundwork to prove the Times irresponsibly erroneous, leading to the following retraction published in the Times on June 17:

An Op-Ed article on Monday, about demonstrations at military funerals, hospitals and memorial services, incorrectly described the protesters at the military funerals discussed in the article. In some cases, the protesters were members of an anti-gay group, not people opposed to the Iraq war; in others, the families of the dead service members were unable to determine the affiliation of the protesters.

The “anti-gay group” referenced is of course Fred Phelps and company (hopefully no relationship to the medical family of SoHum).