KMUD Station Manager indeed moving on as reported in the comments section in a post somewhere below. I wish him and his lovely family well, and I will personally miss his presence at the station.

Dave and I have been on the opposite side of some policy discussions of late, and we haven’t seen eye-to-eye on the role of the Personnel Committee. However, I have always respected his enthusiasm and his ability to pull some of the warring factions together under about as much unity as one can expect under the circumstances of a listener sponsored station in a community with so many dynamic personalities. He has also done very well by the station and community by organizing so many events beyond the mere broadcast – all of them coming out in the financial black! My differences with him have never been personal, and I hope the station back east does well by him.

From the KMUD site, his farewell letter:

From Dave Myers, KMUD Operations Manager

For the last four years it has been my privilege to serve as KMUD’s Operations Manager, Development Director and Volunteer Coordinator. I am both excited and sad to announce that this August I will be moving on to become Executive Director of WOMR-FM, a community radio station in Provincetown, MA. The move will also bring me closer to the many members of my family who live in Massachusetts.

Working for KMUD has been a labor of love from the beginning, and I am grateful to all of you who have made KMUD the dynamo it is today. I was drawn to the station through the boldness and magic of its programming; only after first being a devoted listener did I become involved as a Board member in 2001 and then as a paid employee in 2002. It has been an honor to work on such projects as the Amy Goodman benefit with KHSU, the nationally distributed Earthdance broadcasts, the move to using organic and local foods at our benefits, the live production of “Thank Jah” with Humboldt Community TV, the formation of the Seven Rivers Radio Network, numerous live remote broadcasts, the addition of financial professionals to our business team, the founding of the Northern Community Advisory Council, and eight exciting pledge drives.

Now, KMUD is at a crossroads, looking at hiring a new manager as well as at the management structure itself. If you have ideas about KMUD’s management or future direction, please contact one of your Membership Reps to the KMUD Board of Directors, or any other Board member. Contact info for many of them is here on the KMUD website. I also invite you to come to our annual membership meeting, this Tuesday June 27 at the Healy Senior Center in Redway, starting at 5. If you have managerial skills and a desire to be of service to KMUD, consider applying when our Board opens up the next management position.

While following our policy of political non-advocacy, KMUD has acted as a vessel for change and social justice simply by allowing all of us in this amazing community to express ourselves. To me, this – along with creating good radio – is the highest value a community station can achieve. Being a part of these processes, and this community, has opened up new vistas and inspired me to try to make a difference. I thank all of you all for your participation, commitment and good fellowship.